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5 Big Mistakes That You Should Avoid When Taking Credit Motorcycles

Back again with transportation is still one problem that still can make you feel dizzy, especially if you live in big cities. Congestion and comfort while on the road is the main factor that must be considered when driving. Because of that, many people who choose to buy a motorcycle because it can shorten the time to get to the goal and efficient in all respects, especially the cost. Increasingly maketh to apply for a motorcycle loan, then people flocked to buy them, sometimes without paying any downpayment, the motor was able to be brought home by the purchaser assuming an expensive monthly credit different from the people who pay large downpayment, so, for a monthly bill can cheaper and tenor taken not too long.

Therefore for those who want to buy a motorcycle on credit, consider some mistakes that should be avoided when applying for a loan for a motorcycle:

1. Buying for show

Still there are people who buy a motorcycle to simply show off during the holidays arrive homecoming. That is what should be avoided because the purchase is not for the requirement. Sometimes buying a motorcycle just as hungry eyes only because of the many new motorcycles that are circulating right now, not only its engine as well as new, although only just stripping the newly nonetheless there are still people who want to buy.

2. Do not buy when debts pile up

Ideally, your debt should not be more than 30% of their salary. Buy motorcycles on credit will increase your debt every month, so consider beforehand when the motorcycle will be applying for a loan, if it is to buy a motorcycle to needs, adjust the salary and your debt each month.

3. Do not look for the best leasing

The number of motorcycle financing company and the diverse make some of these companies do not act professionally. Look for companies that are members of the members of Indonesian Financial Services Association (IFSA). You also do not be lazy to look for price comparisons between existing dealers, because it could be in one of the dealers provide an opportunity to increase the down payment and Negotiate always to get the lowest monthly bill.

4. The length of the loan period

Try if taking credit for too long. Therefore, the negotiations with both the motor current will be applying for a loan, a large down payment will make installments smaller and tenor (term of repayment of debts) is getting shorter. Your debt load becomes lighter when the shorter tenors are taken, the sooner your loan is paid off.

5. Books Motor Vehicle owners and insurers neglected

Pick leasing responsible for the book owner of Motor Vehicles and your motor insurance. So that when the keel, Books Motor Vehicle owners can direct you to take, there is no such thing Vehicle Your Own Book used as collateral by leasing to other banks. Make sure to keep your insurance for motor loans, guarantees any problems that occur on your bike during the credit and claim process easier

Should avoid the things mentioned above when will apply for credit the motorcycle, so that in the future you did not feel burdened. Adjust to the needs and abilities will take your current motorcycle loan.


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5 Big Mistakes That You Should Avoid When Taking Credit Motorcycles